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gassProductions Partners with Citizen Ticket

Citizen Ticket & Gass Productions announce partnership to support Livestream services Continued

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COVID-19 Video Production

Video fighting a global pandemic. One common denominator during this global crisis has been the vital role video has played in solving many of the problems caused by the impact of COVID-19. In this news article we look at how gassProductions can provide video production services. ... Continued

How to Pitch a TV Show

Ever wondered how to pitch a tv show? It's difficult to know how to pitch a tv show. In this article we get advice from commissioning editors on how to pitch a TV show. ... Continued

Contact a TV commissioner : Interview

Cultivating relationships with commissioning editors is hugely important, by understanding the type of programs a commissioner is looking for you can focus your resources on developing projects that may actually see the light of day. ... Continued

29 May 2023

The Essential Role of Video in Live Events: Enhancing Engagement and Impact

In today's digital age, live events have evolved beyond the physical realm. The incorporation of video has become essential to create immersive experiences, extend reach, and amplify the impact of live events. In this article, we will explore why video is crucial for live events and how it enhances engagement and leaves a lasting impression on audiences. ... Continued ...

29 May 2023

GassProductions: Elevating Live Events with Exceptional Live Streaming Solutions

GassProductions is a leading provider of live streaming solutions for live events, offering unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology. With their top-notch services, they ensure that live events reach a wider audience and leave a lasting impact. In this article, we will explore how GassProductions delivers the best live streaming solutions, revolutionizing the way live events are experienced ... Continued ...

29 May 2023

Elevating AV Companies with Exceptional Video Production Services

In the world of audiovisual (AV) technology, delivering captivating visual content is paramount to creating immersive experiences. AV companies seeking to enhance their offerings and exceed client expectations can turn to GassProductions for exceptional video production services. In this blog post, we'll explore how GassProductions collaborates with AV companies to deliver high-quality video content that elevates their events and presentations ... Continued ...

29 May 2023

Delivering Exceptional Branded Content Video Production

When it comes to captivating and impactful branded content, GassProductions stands out as a premier video production company. With their unrivaled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and creative vision, they specialize in delivering the best-branded content video production solutions. In this webpage, we'll explore how GassProductions helps brands tell their unique stories and connect with their audience through exceptional video content ... Continued ...

18 Sep 2020

Ocean Vet Premier

Ocean Vet Premier see's attendees party the night away, Neil Burnie style! ... Continued ...

29 Feb 2016

Alistair McGowan is the secret voice of Ocean Vet

We needed to find someone who sounded exactly like Neil Burnie; step forward Alistair McGowan. ... Continued ...

08 Nov 2012

Rod and Rucksack sold to Discovery Networks

We're extremely proud of this series and delighted with its initial sale to the Discovery Networks. We look forward to co-producing more exciting and original television content with Cinesite. ... Continued ...

02 Jun 2016

How to Budget a TV Show

Great TV idea, but how much does it cost? Before a TV show is even commissioned knowing how to budget a tv show is essential. As you can imagine, if a production is under-budgeted for, there will be serious problems right from the get go. So, this is why knowing how to a TV show is an extremely important part of the development process and needs to be done by someone with great expertise in the area. ... Continued ...

08 Mar 2016

How to create a TV Show - PART 1

Ever asked yourself "how do i create a TV show?" ... Continued ...

16 Sep 2019

How to create a TV show - PART 2

In PART 1 of our How to create a TV show blog we talked about how to develop a tv show from an idea. In this article we're going to talk some more about the next stage; filming a screen test, sizzle reel or pilot episode. ... Continued ...