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Creating amazing social media videos that reach goals is a serious skill. Each social network has a different approach to video, so one size does not fit all. Put simply, our team design and produce videos that improve campaigns. We work with you to design the videos, and then create highly targeted, short and engaging videos that focus on delivering engagement action.

It's not as simple as point, shoot and upload anymore. Throwing out content can sometimes yield results, but to truly experience the power of social media video, you need to work with experts that understand how to design and create videos that make the most of a campaign investment.

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Social Media Videos - Our Top Tips


Begin with a strategy. Our team dedicate serious time here. You need to conduct audience research, competitor checks, ideation, content scheduling and confirm budget allocation. What is the goal? Are you looking to increase brand awareness or encouraging an action? Whatever the reason is behind your push into social media video production, your audience and the end goal is where you start.

2.Keep it short, or hide it

The first 10- 15 seconds are the most important, and the first five are crucial. If you're not saying in there, then there's no point in saying it. However, if you can engage your audience with a genuinely engaging story or a piece of enjoyable and relevant information, your viewers will give you much more time. It's all in the research and planning, give your audience what they're looking for, and they give you something back.

2. Subtitles are a must

95% of viewers will watch the content (initially) with the sound turned off. Therefore your content must be clearly understood within the first 10 seconds without sound. In conclusion, your social videos should have subtitles (open captioning) as standard.

3. Vertical video

80% of social content is consumed on a smartphone. This means your video should be vertical or square (as opposed to horizontal). This is key to planning how the video is filmed. In addition, this must be considered when designing the layout of onscreen text and subtitles. Above all, the video must be understood without sound.

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