Social Media Video Production

gassProductions offers a wide range of social media video production services.

What do we offer?

Primarily we create video content that falls into the following categories.

1. Live Streaming

Broadcast live to your audience from any location via your social media feeds.

2. Managed Video Ad campaigns

Utilise video ads to directly drive sales of a product, event or campaign.

3. Video News

Create audience interaction through engaging news content or explain a process using motion graphics or video.

4. Promotional Video

Share promotional content about your business, product or service.

Key considerations

1.Top Heavy Content

Most social media video is top-heavy, i.e the juicy info/shots/text are at the start. Why? Because the average person scrolling down their social feed will spend 10 seconds watching video content before deciding to engage with it or move on. In conclusion, If you haven't made your point clear in the first 10 seconds, you've already lost 33 percent of your audience.

2. Subtitles are a must

95% of viewers will watch the content (initially) with the sound turned off. Therefore your content must be clearly understood within the first 10 seconds without sound. In conclusion, your social videos should have subtitles (open captioning) as standard.

3. Vertical video

80% of social content is consumed on a smartphone. This means your video should be vertical or square (as opposed to horizontal). This is key to planning how the video is filmed. In addition, this must be considered when designing the layout of onscreen text and subtitles. Above all, the video must be understood without sound.

4.Video speaks 60,000 words?

The human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text; you need to leverage dynamic graphics and visual storytelling so your audience can quickly grasp the message. In other words, a picture or video is worth a thousand words... 60,000 to be precise.

Social Media Live

One of the most exciting features of social media video is live broadcasting. Meaning any business can take advantage of the benefits the immediacy of live broadcasting brings, for example, a Facebook live broadcast. However, it's important the content is current and relevant.

We recommend live social media for news and current affairs type content. We find this is where it works best. Above all, it must allow viewers to interact with the content in realtime. Therefore your video must grab audiences attention instantly.

gassProductions provides a wide range of live social video. For example, we provide everything from a single camera live stream (ideal for presenter or interviews) right through to multi-camera vision mixed live TV-style programs (e.g. events, concerts and awards ceremonies).

We approach your social media video with a different mindset to corporate video production. Social media video is about engaging with your audience and prompting them into action, for instance, like, share, comment, or all of the above.

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