Movement for Modern Life

Supplying video content to one of the UK's largest yoga and wellbeing video on-demand platforms

Filming Yoga

We couldn't do what we do and be who we are without gassProductions
Kat Farrants,

Movement for Modern Life was recently quoted by Vogue magazine as" The Netflix of Yoga", gassProductions has been supplying 90% of their video content since 2016.

Alongside collaborating on all of the pre-production associated with creating this content, we supply all camera, lighting, sound and editing to create this content. Since 2016 we have shot over 400+ Yoga Classes for Movement for Modern Life.

Our shoots typically require a 2 camera setup, filming between 5-7 Yoga Classes per filming day. Filming locations are spread across the UK though most commonly London-centric. Editing is handled at the gassProductions studio with a typical turnaround of 5-7 Classes taking 2 days including colour grade and QC. For further information on our pricing and availability please give us a call.