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TV Production by gassProductions

At gassProductions our TV production experience is vast.

We have created award winning television and directed academy award winning talent. We like to deliver an extremely high level of service and share our experience by creating new television programs via the pitch a TV show section of our website

Nearly all of the TV content developed at gassProductions begins its life here.

gassProductions TV showreel

You can view the trailers for our TV shows below. These have all been broadcast both terrestrially in the UK, and in international territories. Our shows have been on Discovery, Quest, PBS and WFN.

What are we working on right now ?

If we’re not in the studio then we’re normally out on set. You can keep up with what we’re working on right now by heading over to our facebook, twitter, insta and LinkedIn pages. Subscribe to these channels for the most up-to-date coverage of all things gassProductions.

What type of TV do we make?

gassProductions creates TV predominantly in the factual entertainment genre.

We supply crew for all types of TV Production including commercials, music videos, news, sports and live events.

For us television production normally takes the form of a TV show that we’re developing in house received via email or a TV show we’re providing crew for.

Servicing the TV production industry in this fashion has given us a wealth of experience.

gassProductions delivers a complete level of service across the entire television production industry.

How much does TV production cost?]

The cost of television production can vary hugely. As a guide, please refer to this document from the BBC.

We calculate our fee’s for TV production based on current market rates for the appropriate skillset required, i.e. an underwater cameraman filming sharks costs more than an ENG or Studio camera operator for the day.

For a more detailed idea of costing, please visit the following BECTU link and select the appropriate skillset from the “Rates” sub-menu.

How do I make my idea a TV show ?

If you’ve got an Idea for a TV show then you’ll need to partner up with a production company before a TV commissioner will even consider your idea.

We get hundreds of programme ideas each year that cover the entire spectrum of television via the pitch a TV idea section of our website.

In short, there’s a lot of people with TV Ideas out there, so before you send yours to us here’s some things to consider if you’re serious about turning a TV idea into a reality.

  • Can I sum it up in 250 words ?
  • What channel will this be on ?
  • When will your show air (day/time) ?
  • How will you keep audiences coming back for more ?

The best ideas we receive are people who have considered these questions and answered them in their pitch.

Do we work with other TV production companies?

We can handle everything in-house, but we’re always happy to collaborate with other production companies. In the past we teamed up with Cinesite Studios to develop our very first TV series, Rod and Rucksack.

Speak to us..

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If you have more questions or need to enquire about the availability of our crew then please call or email