Rod and Rucksack – Trailers

Cast off on an adventure to catch monster fish in some of the worlds most remote locations.

Rod and Rucksack is an awe-inspiring fishing and adventure series which charts the journey of seasoned fisherman Guy Elson, around the world for monster fish.

Watch Guy take on a host of some of the most coveted game fish, giant trevally, monster tuna and giant white sturgeon to name but a few.

Experience the culture of foreign lands as Guy visits Mongolian yurts, Canadian log cabins, Bolivian jungle cloud forest, motherships on the great barrier reef and uninhabited Panamanian islands.

This 5 x 60min TV series was a co-production between gassProductions and Cinesite Studios.

Watch Guy experience real drama, exhausting treks, extreme environments and epic adventure as he comes face to face with some of the biggest challenges in his life.

Prepare to be stunned by some of the most epic fishing you’ve ever seen!

This is Rod and Rucksack!

Rod and Rucksack Trailers & Clips

Episode 01 : Canada

Rod and Rucksack - Episode 01 - Canada

1/5. Guy Elson visits some of the best game fishing spots in the world, beginning with a trip to British Columbia in Canada, where he aims to catch Chinook salmon.

Follow Guy as he boats his way into the Canadian wilderness, cooking crab in the setting sun and finding time to build a traditional smokehouse.




Episode 02 : Mongolia

Rod and Rucksack - Episode 02 - Mongolia

2/5. Guy Elson travels deep into the Mongolian wilderness in search of taimen, also known as the “River Wolf”. Guy has to overcome horse treks and sheep brains if he is to catch this elusive predator.

Join Guy and his guide Dan as they adventure into the Mongolian outback on a unique and testing adventure.




Episode 03 : Panama

Rod and Rucksack - Episode 03 - Panama

3/5. Guy Elson travels to Panama to learn how to spear fish, before heading to a big game fishery to put his skills to the test.

Guy has time to sample some of the delights of Panama city and the beautiful pearl islands.

Guy will also have his patience and skill tested as he heads off-shore to the uninhabited island of Montuosa in search of monster yellow fin tuna.



Episode 04 : Boliva

Rod and Rucksack - Episode 04 - Bolivia

4/5. Guy Elson visits south Bolivia’s Tariquia Reserve to hunt for a freshwater predator called the golden dorado.

It’s no simple trek to reach their fishing ground and Guy will travel deep into the jungle, far from the safety of civilisation.

Avoiding spiders and Jaguars is all part of the fun as Guy fishes the depths of the Bolivian cloud forest.



Episode 05 : Australia

Rod and Rucksack - Episode 05 - Australia

5/5. Seasoned angler Guy Elson travels to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, where he tries to catch giant trevally and giant black marlin.

Follow Guy as he deals with Sharks stealing his catch, and fishes up rick fish late at night.

Its a wild few days on the Australian sea’s as Guy faces some of his toughest fishing of the series.