Ocean Vet – Trailers

Ocean Vet is a natural history series like no other.

This incredible series follows the exploits of English veterinarian Dr Neil Burnie and his Ocean Vet team.
The series is narrated by academy award winning actor and producer Michael Douglas.

Neil and his crew set out to save, protect and learn more about Bermuda’s marine life.

Watch Neil get up close with some of the worlds most amazing marine species.

It’s non stop action over 11 episodes. Neil and his team swim with huge tiger sharks, save precious green sea turtles and protect mighty humpback whales. It’s just another day in the office for Neil and his crew.

Neil’s enthusiasm is infectious and his ‘hands-on’ approach brings the audience into his world.

His teams dedication to save marine wildlife is compulsive to watch.

Michael Douglas narrates 11 incredible adventures.

Watch as Neil and his crew enter a watery world teeming with stunning marine life but fraught with danger.

Sharp teeth, poisonous barbs and 50 tonne giants are just some of the dangers that await Neil and his Ocean Vet crew!

Bermuda shows itself to be one of the most stunning islands on earth. Hitch a ride on an incredible journey of discovery right here, right now!

This is Ocean Vet!

Ocean Vet Trailers


Episode 01 : The Galapagos Shark

Ocean Vet - Episode 01 - Galapagos Sharks

Neil and the team are on an emergency call out to capture and release a sick Galapagos shark from the Bermuda aquarium.

Follow the team as they risk their lives.

Neil must transport a shark 10 miles off shore for release in a protected marine reserve.

Watch Neil and his team swim with wild Galapagos sharks.  They’ll study their behaviour, and discover the truth behind their reputation as wild man eaters.

The Ocean Vet team also embark on the challenging task of capturing one of these predators. The team must bring the shark onboard the ocean vet boat and attach a satellite tag. This marks the start of a scientific study that will eventually help protect the declining population of this species.

Episode 02 : Spotted Eagle Rays

Ocean Vet - Episode 02 - Spotted Eagle Rays

Neil and the Ocean Vet team are faced with an intense day of veterinary work.

International scientist Dr Matt Ajemian and aquarium collector Chris Flook join the crew.

They face a tricky task, capturing one of the most intelligent fish in the ocean. The crew must check the health of these endangered spotted eagle rays.

Watch as the team attach satellite tracking tags, take DNA samples, and ultrasound these animals in some of Bermudas most beautiful surroundings. The teams research could provide answers to long standing questions on the health of this species.

Episode 03 : Tiger Taggers

Ocean Vet - Episode 03 - Tiger Taggers

Neil and the Ocean Vet team mark the end of a 7 year study on Bermuda’s tiger sharks. The team embark on a dangerous mission to satellite tag one of these giant oceanic predators.

Watch as Neil and Choy enter the water with these majestic animals in a mind boggling and death defying sequence of  human interaction with these wild predators.

Follow the team as they struggle to catch and tag the biggest tiger shark they’ve ever encountered. Can they complete their mission to help study, save and protect this incredible shark species?

Episode 04 : The Mighty Marlin

Ocean Vet - Episode 04 -The Mighty Marlin

Neil manages to expand his veterinary knowledge and test his fishing skills to their limit. The mighty marlin is one of the teams most exciting adventures.

Watch as Neil and the Ocean Vet team wrestle a monster marlin to the side of their boat. The team must attach a satellite tag that could expand the scientific knowledge of this species and reveal its oceanic migrations.

Watch Neil and his team dissect a giant blue marlin donated by a local fishing tournament.

Neil explains the anatomical and evolutionary wonders of this animal and demonstrates how it’s become one of the fastest and most formidable predators in the ocean.

Episode 05 : The Bermuda Turtle Project

Ocean Vet - Episode 05 - Green Sea Turtles

Neil deploys his veterinary skills to help save Bermuda’s Green sea turtles.

Watch Neil and the Ocean Vet team work alongside the longest standing turtle research project in the world; the Bermuda Turtle Project.

Follow the team as they capture and release wild green sea turtles. The team collect blood samples, measurements, and attach fin tags to these adorable animals.
This data can be used to monitor their health and populations. Finally they attach a satellite tag to a mature turtle. The tag will record data on the turtles oceanic migrations.

Neil also works with Bermuda’s turtle stranding network. This organisation rescue and re-release injured turtles back into the wild.

Episode 06 : Sixgill Rescue

Ocean Vet - Episode 06 -Sixgill Rescue

Neil tests his diving abilities to the max. On this dangerous rescue mission to save the life of a prehistoric shark.

Follow the ocean vet team as they assist a commercial fishing vessel to untangle a six gill shark from its fishing lines.

Watch Neil and Choy come face to face with a real life fossil as they secure this prehistoric shark to the side of the boat. It’s challenging work in testing conditions. The team only have a limited time to ensure the animal survives.

Episode 07 : The Bermuda Black Grouper

Ocean Vet - Episode 07 - Bermuda Black Grouper

Neil combines his veterinary knowledge and dive skills to assist the Bermuda department of fisheries.

On this exciting and dangerous mission Neil and his ocean vet team help protect the breeding grounds of the Bermuda black grouper.

Watch Neil anaesthetise these fish to surgically implant acoustic tags. Neil also trials a dangerous but less invasive grouper tagging system and deploys a uniquely designed grouper trap.

Follow Neil and the team as they explore a deep alien world. Along the way Neil comes face to face with one of the largest threats to the atlantic ocean, the invasive lion fish!

Episode 08 : Night Sharks

Ocean Vet - Episode 08 - Night-Sharks

Neil and his Ocean Vet team embark on a dangerous new study.

Neil heads into Bermuda’s nocturnal waters to document inshore shark activity.

Watch Neil complete a series of dangerous night dives in potentially shark infested waters.

Follow Neil and his team as they implant an acoustic tag in the abdomen of a juvenile tiger shark. The tag is crucial to their study. It should reveal the frequency and proximity of sharks in Bermudas night time waters.

Testing their nerves and stamina to its absolute limits, this proves to be one of the teams toughest missions.

Episode 09 : Humpback Whales

Ocean Vet - Episode 09 - Humpback Whales

Follow Neil and his team into the danger zone as they get up close and personal with 50 tonne humpbacks.

Neil and Choy work with a team of marine scientists on an expedition to prove the presence of deadly toxins inside Bermuda’s mid-migratory humpback whales.

Watch Neil and his team swim with these ocean giants in a mesmerising and magical sequence as Neil comes face to face with one of the most intelligent mammals in the ocean.

Neil  deploys an effective but unconventional sampling technique, collecting biopsy samples using an adapted compound bow.
Choy has a dangerous encounter investigating a report of several hungry sharks tearing apart a dead sperm whale.

Episode 10 : Sargasso Sea

Ocean Vet - Episode 10 - The Sargasso-Sea

Working alongside veteran aquarium collector Chris Flook Neil and Choy reveal the crucial role sargassum seaweed plays in the health of the entire ocean.

Watch as Neil and his team explore the deep sea structure of Argus tower.

Join Neil as he dives Bermuda’s inshore mangrove bays. Watch Neil observe and learn the intricacies of this delicate food web.

Follow the team as they collect samples for an exhibit at the Bermuda aquarium museum and zoo. The teams exhibit will show local school children the unique and wonderous species that live within these golden rainforests of the ocean.

Finally the team attach a satellite tracking tag to a fish that thrives amongst these floating seaweed matts, the wondrous Wahoo!

Episode 11 : Diaries

Ocean Vet - Episode 11 - Ocean Vet Diaries

The final episode of Ocean Vet goes behind the scenes, providing an insight how the series was made.

The crew look back and reveal their favourite moments, close calls and toughest challenges.

In this final episode we discover exactly what it took for Neil to become Bermuda’s Ocean Vet.

Finally, Michael Douglas reveals the tragedy of Neil’s death. The crew reveal the impact on their lives, and talk frankly about his unique, larger than life character.