Ocean Vet Premier

Ocean Vet Premier see’s attendees party the night away, Neil Burnie style!

On the 18th of March 2016 Barrs Bay Park(Hamilton, Bermuda) played host to the Ocean Vet Premier.

A huge amount of work from all involved ensured it would be a night to remember.

Local news provided coverage of the event as final preparations came together.

Interview with ZBM News – 17/03/2016

A night to remember

Those lucky enough to get a ticket (the event sold out in under 2 hours!) were invited to “Step into the Blue” as attendees were transported into an oceanic world.

The event was attended by His Excellency The Honourable George Ferguson (Governor of Bermuda.)

Ocean Vet Premier - Meet the Governor
Series producer Andrew Smith introduces His Excellency The Honourable George Ferguson to Ocean Vet marine biologist Choy Aming.

The Governor delivered a speech that recognised the importance of Ocean Vet to Bermuda, and paid tribute to Neil Burnie’s amazing character.

The main event was an exclusive screening of the Ocean Vet Diaries episode.

The episode was introduced by series narrator and academy award winning actor and producer, Michael Douglas.

His contribution to the series was pivotal in ensuring it’s completion after Neil’s tragic death. [read more]

Michael Douglas introduces Ocean Vet

A tribute to Bermuda

Those familiar with the project know it’s presenter well, one of Bermudas late great personalities Dr Neil Burnie.

The event paid tribute to Neil’s amazing contribution to the series and his passion for all the marine animals he helped throughout its creation.

Although the series was produced by the UK’s gassProductions, the vast majority of those involved in production were Bermudian.

It’s only fitting the first people in the world to watch Ocean Vet were Bermudians.

Michael Douglas ocean vet premier
Attendee’s watch on as Michael intro’s the episode.

Series Producer Andrew Smith said:-

“It’s amazing to be back in Bermuda hosting our premier here. There is absolutely no where else in the world more appropriate. All of the Bermudians that helped put this event together have done a spectacular job, I can’t thank them enough. Everyone is having a great time, it’s just a shame Neil isn’t here in person to deafen us with his saxophone and harmonica”

After screening the exclusive “Diaries” episode all attendees were invited to party the night away.

Ocean Vet Premier
Right to Left Oscar Deuss, Andrew Kirkpatrick and Johnny Singleton

Neil’s step son Oscar Deuss provided exceptional musical talent on the saxophone. He was accompanied by a host of local musicians who jammed together well into the early hours.

Screens encircling the venue ensured all who attended saw the finished episodes.

Celebrating Ocean Vet, Neil Burnie style

It was a fitting tribute to Neil’s character, and an emotional night for many that attended.

Neil’s good friend and series marine biologist Choy Aming commented:-

“This is exactly how Neil would have wanted it. All of his friends, family and fellow Bermudians celebrating Ocean Vet the Bermudian way – music, drink, good food, good company and plenty of dancing”

Ocean Vet Premier Slideshow

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Photo’s provided by John Manderson from Bernews and Luminous Imaging Bermuda.

Several cocktails had been designed for the event by Bermuda’s very own Stefan Gitschner and Somers Carr from Twisted Spoon.

These included the “Burnie Collins”, “Cha-Ching Aming”, “Saxomonica” and “Swizzle Shark.” All went down a little too well.

Special thanks to….

The premier was a huge success. The reaction to the episodes was phenomenal and attracted huge praise from all that attended.

Special praise must be given to Lynda Johnson from BAMZ (Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo.)

Lynda and her team’s commitment to the event was incredible. Their passion and organisation ensured it will be an event long remembered in Bermuda. Lynda is undoubtedly the Ocean Vet mum!

The Ocean Vet premier WOULD NOT have been possible without the following people.

Lynda’s amazing event planning team

  • Darlene Fortin
  • Jillian Patterson
  • Selange Gitschner
  • Joanne Chisnall
  • Michelle Smith
also our vendors and their staff who provided outstanding service!
  • Corporation of Hamilton – Vicki Abraham and Otis
  • Buzz Catering – Jason Berwick, Alan O’Beirne
  • Great Sounds & Lighting – Barry Fitzsimmons
  • Undercover Tent Rentals – Mark Bell
  • Class Act Designs – Donna Lindo
  • Planning Factory
  • Twisted Spoon – Stefan Gitschner and Somers Carr
  • Burrows Lightbourn – Michael Robinson
  • Fairmont Southampton – ice sculpture
  • Photographer – Chris Burville
  • Bermuda Sanitation
  • Security Associates – Anthony Outerbridge
The amazingly talented musicians!
  • David Skinner
  • Derek Moniz
  • John Woolridge
  • Graham Pewter
  • Leroy Richardson
  • Milton Raposo
  • Jeff Marshall
  • Robert ‘Sai’ Emery
  • Erwin Leader
  • Tony Brannon
  • Gavin Smith
  • Cullen O’Hara
The investors without whom Ocean Vet would not have been possible.
  • Atlantic Conservation Partnership
  • Hiscox
  • PartnerRe
  • Jim & Spencer Butterfield – Butterfield Vallis
  • Henrik Schroder
  • James and David Gibbons
  • Choy Aming
The BZS Volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the evening
The Ocean Vet crew
  • Michael Douglas – Narrator
  • Andy Smith – Co-writer/director
  • Dan Radford – Co-writer/director
  • Choy Aming – Marine biologist
  • Dylan Ward – Boat captain/Stickman
  • Andrew Kirkpatrick – Underwater cameraman
  • Oscar Deuss – Stickman
  • Chris Flook “Flookie” – Ocean whisperer
  • Johnny Singleton – Drone pilot
  • John Manderson – Photographer/Drone pilot
And last but by NO MEANS least…
  • Dr Neil Burnie – The Ocean Vet

Where can we watch Ocean Vet?

For Bermudians, each episode will be screened a number of times over the next few months at the BUEI.

For tickets and show times please visit the BUEI website.

For the rest of the world, Ocean Vet has sold in multiple European, African and Asian territories.
The series is also being reviewed by several major US broadcasters.

Once broadcast channels and times are confirmed we will publish all info on the Ocean Vet Facebook page and our website.

Check back soon for some exclusive video content and interviews from the Ocean Vet premier.


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