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gassProductions is a key video production partner for a giant UK Encore operation.

A long standing and trusted supplier relationship

What makes them different is their desire to help our team beyond what you'd expect from a regular supplier. gassProductions offers our team training specific to the services they supply, and this helps us better serve our client's requests, and this has all the apparent impacts on the quality and breadth of service we provide and, of course, revenue.

They are more than a supplier to Encore. They are a vital video production partner. Their technical knowledge, equipment and their approach are hard to find.

Alex Bingham. Director, Project Management, Production Venues (UK)

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gassProductions has supplied high-quality video production solutions to Encore for nearly ten years. The relationship began with AVC Live ltd. Back then, gassProductions provided reasonably light camera equipment with simple 1ME vision mixing and single-point streaming solutions. Initially introduced to the Brewery, gassProductions quickly became the preferred supplier to many of AVC Live London's hotels and venues.

On the 29th of April 2015, PSAV acquired AVC live. The US giant PSAV also acquired Hawthorn and several other smaller businesses. PSAV began to merge the organisations under the new brand Encore and took gassProductions with it as a preferred supplier.

Since 2015, the support gassProductions provides Encore has expanded, and today gassProductions is considered a key supplier of video production services to the massive Encore UK operation.

gassProductions still supply Encore venues with light equipment and are proud to continue to provide this support. However, Encore also uses gassProdictions to supply heavy multi-camera channel systems, Portable Production Units (PPUs) and Camera Control Systems. We supply this equipment with our highly skilled technical operators to some of the UK's most prestigious venues, including Wembley Stadium, Twickenham, The Savoy and the Dorchester, to name a few.

"It continues to be a huge pleasure to support Encore at each stage of the production process across its portfolio. As is standard at gassProductions, our technical knowledge, equipment and our mantra to always go "above and beyond" have helped to cement trusted relationships with hundreds of the Encore team and form a very close working relationship". Andrew Smith, Managing Director gassProductions

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