Using video to showcase Brake's forthcoming seasonal food products

Filming Food for the UK's largest catering supplier

gass clearly knew exactly what they were doing and the videos just look great.
Mandy Van Hagen

gassproductions has supplied video content to Brakes since 2018. Our most recent commission was to create a series of videos from Brake's spring/summer product launch.

The brief was to create a highlights video of the event, alongside a product promo video for each of Brakes food categories. There were also several presentations that required filming for syndication via Brake's internal learning resource. To create the content, gassProductions supplied a 2 man crew (3 camera's + 2 Operators) to capture the required footage. All footage was shot on location in a single day.
Once filming was completed, all videos were edited in-house by gassProductions. Brakes supplied a script for the product videos with voice-over also supplied in-house.