Broadcast Video Production

We work with major international television networks and global distribution companies writing, producing and delivering the very best in engaging television content. Our team of highly experienced producers and crew film all over the world in the most challenging locations creating thought provoking, exciting “glued to the seat” productions for audiences all over the planet.

Corporate Video Production

Our corporate video production solutions provide measureable impacts on sales, growth and online presence. If you are looking for a corporate video production solution that’s cost effective and high quality then take a look at our corporate video production packages & services. 

Video Production Services

Choosing crew can be a daunting task. Our camera crews our all broadcast accredited, they operate with the very best equipment to produce stunning images. If you’re looking for the best camera crews, motion graphic editors, editors or any specialist video production service please click through to our video production services section.

Incredible Video Production Packages!

Creating corporate videos for your business is now essential. Corporate videos have measurable impact on sales, SEO and growth. Corporate videos have always seemed an expensive option so we decided to make the process of purchasing a corporate video production simple.

Our Corporate video production packages off an off the shelf high quality but cost effective solution to creating corporate videos, promotional videos, product videos or any other style on online video content.

With high quality starter packages at £99 + vat we have created a corporate video production package to suite most businesses. To look through our corporate video and promotional video fixed price packages follow the link below.

View our corporate video production packages here!

Video Production Internship Programme 2013 – gassProductions

We have launched our 2013 video production internship programme. gassProductions is looking for a young, talented video production intern, we are providing the opportunity of a life time. The internship placement is for three months at the gassProductions studio in Surrey. The internship may lead to a permanent position at the end. Are you looking for somewhere to learn from the best, operate professional broadcast equipment and gain valuable experience to create high quality corporate videos and promotional videos? If so take a look at our 2013 video production internship.

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