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Unobtrusively observing some of the worlds most iconic marine species.

gassProductions is pleased to announce their next major broadcast project, a 60 min documentary feature to accompany a marine research and conservation project; Ocean Tech.

What is Ocean Tech ?

Ocean Tech is a world first collaborative marine research project, global education programme and international media campaign.

The project is bringing together the world’s top marine scientists with unique submersible technologies that are set to revolutionise the way scientists study marine life all over the planet.

Our unique vehicles and technology can reveal the deepest secrets of species’ behaviour and answer crucial scientific questions that will lead to the justification of marine protected areas.

Each phase of the global project will drive an international media campaign that includes a feature length documentary, global exhibits and a worldwide education programme.

This will engage a global audience and encourage a seed change in the way we use the world’s oceans.

Ocean Tech is a not-for-profit organisation funded through philanthropy, research grants, corporate, media and broadcast partnerships, supported by a science committee of leading global experts.

Whats the documentary about ?

The Ocean Tech documentary will reveal wildlife to a global audience in way they’ve never seen before.

Our cameras will go where no cameras have previously recorded and use revolutionary methods and technologies to bring our audience a landmark viewing experience.

shark whoi TV

Who’s involved?

Our audience can expect to follow a charismatic, passionate and highly driven team of field experts, expedition leaders and scientists as they work alongside the world’s top marine predators and iconic marine species.

Led by the passion and determination of Ocean Tech’s executive director Andrew Smith, and joined by the world’s top experts, the audience follow the Ocean Tech team as they work tirelessly to deploy and recover millions of dollars of unique technology.

New ocean tech and TV

What will we see?

Watch as the team freedive to attach tags to huge predatory sharks, follow the team as they mount cameras to giant migratory whales.

Join the dive deep team as they install tracking and monitoring systems hundreds of feet down.

Follow mission control on the Ocean Tech expedition boat as they launch, track and recover the team’s vehicles, drones, transponders and tags.

Experience the team’s elation when they reveal new behaviour and new relationships that prove the existence of critical habitat areas.

The journey will be tough, the weather will be harsh and the hours will be long but the goal is simple –

to reveal the secret lives of our planets most iconic marine species in a way no one has seen before & to inspire a global seed change in the way we care for our ocean habitats.

Why the ocean needs our help

All life exists in balance, and without respect for this balance we not only risk endangering the survival of the planet and other species, but we threaten our own survival.

Humans and the ocean are closely linked. Its where we came from, it supplies nearly all of our water and over half of the oxygen we breathe.

Unless we engage a proactive strategy to reverse the damage our lifestyle’s are causing to the ocean, we’re all in very serious trouble, and so are our children, and their children, and their children’s children.

This important conservation strategy further highlights the underlying ethos of our body of work, creating #films4good

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