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Covering every angle of video production the gassProductions filming unit provides broadcast trained, broadcast accredited camera operators and supporting crew to all our productions anywhere in the world.

Call 0844 736 5768 for a complete video production solution.

The production stage is where all the hard work in pre-production falls into place. Our cameramensoundmendirectors and grips are all broadcast accredited and operate the very latest in video production equipment.

We are visual people and pride ourselves on using the very best equipment to produce the very best images. Our production services are comprehensive.

Video Production Services

  • Directing

    Broadcast accredited directors with years of experience 
  • Producing

    Broadcast accredited producers to take care of your entire project
  • Filming in multiple formats


  • Lighting

    Lighting, grips and electricians for all size productions, Generators, Arri etc.
  • Broadcast sound

    Broadcast accredited soundmen & composers
  • Camera crane operating

    Mini jib, Full size jib (40ft) operation. Broadcast accredited
  • Green screen

    Large or small scale studio work, portable green screen system.
  • Dolly & track operators with kit

    Track and dolly with operator.
  • Make up artist’s

    Broadcast accredited makeup artist and stylists.
  • Underwater camera work

    Full HD GATES underwater camera housings with operators (PADI)
  • Expedition trained crews

    Crews trained and experienced in long form shoots in exceptional environments
  • Aerial videography.

    Full size helicopter rigs & ROV (remote heli filming)
  • Mini camera rigging (GoPro)

    Rigging vehicles with mini cameras, fixing helmet cams etc
  • Location fixers, national/international

    Specialist international teams to scout new locations and fix details.


If you require any of these services on a day rate or would like gassProductions to look after your entire production please get in touch for availability and costs. Our production team will be more than happy to talk it through and recommend the best way to move your production forward with gassProductions

+44 (0)844 736 5768