TV idea? – Pitch it to us

Send us your TV idea

You’ve just had a great TV idea but don’t know what to do next ?

Well we can develop your great TV idea … all the way to broadcast!

Send us your pitch so we can review your concept. One of our producers will be in touch with some advice. If its a really great idea we might even invite you over to discuss your idea (we have excellent tea and biscuits!!)

Protecting your TV idea

So you’ve had an amazing idea but you don’t want anyone to steal it… not even us!

To stop us talking to anyone else about your idea you’ll need us to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

THIS IS OPTIONAL – gassproductions will treat your idea with total confidentiality and will not discuss your idea with anyone else. 

  1. You can download a template NDA from here.
  2. Just fill in your section and sign it, then scan and send it to us
  3. Mark the subject field of your email “yourname” NDA.
  4. We’ll sign it and send it back. Now we can only talk about your idea with you.

Explaining your TV idea

When submitting a proposal please include the following, keep it as short as possible.

  • A short synopsis of the programme idea
  • What’s the hook/premise?
  • Who will be in it?
  • What will be the unfolding action and what’s at stake?
  • How is the programme extraordinary or unique?
  • What’s the setting and location?
  • In what style will it be shot, written and edited?
  • Is it a series or one-off, number and length of episodes.

Don’t be scared to get creative

This is the video pitch that Neil Burnie put together for Ocean Vet. Now we’re not asking you to swim with tiger sharks, but things like this grab people’s attention and make your idea stand out from the rest.

Submitting your TV idea

There are two ways to submit your idea to us.

  1. Please read our terms and conditions and privacy policy

2. Fill out the questions below

What genre is your idea?
What time will it be broadcast
What platform will it broadcast on?

Please note that we receive a huge number of program ideas. During busy periods it may take our team 4-6 weeks to get back to you with a full response.

3. Email it straight to us

You can email it to 

Make sure you submit it as a PDF and include your email address and telephone number so we can contact you.

Mark the subject field as TV Idea.

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