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We have a fresh approach to pitching a TV show!

You’ve just had a great TV idea but don’t know what to do next? Well, it seems like we can help. Firstly, we can help develop your great TV idea. Secondly, if we think it's right, we’ll pitch it to a TV commissioner. Finally, the TV idea could be developed into a TV show. Please send us your pitch so we can review your concept and one of our TV producers will be in touch with some advice. If it’s a great idea, we may arrange a phone call to discuss it..

Pitch a TV show idea to us, and we’ll help you develop it and pitch it to commissioning editors.

Nearly all broadcasters require anyone submitting a TV idea to partner with a video production company. You cannot pitch a TV show idea unless you partner with a company who has a proven track record of making TV. gassProductions is that company.

For 2022 We're only seeking ideas for documentary and factual entertainment programs. Please do not send us any ideas for food shows, fictional drama, animation, quiz shows or sitcoms as we will not respond to these.

How to pitch a TV show

When you pitch a TV idea to our producers, please restrict your TV pitch to no more than 250 words. Above all, If you can’t sell your TV idea in 250 words, then it’s probably not ready to pitch. Similarly, the programme title is also critical. Consequently, it should make us want to stop everything and read your pitch. As a result, if we like your pitch for a TV show, we will be in touch to request further information. Furthermore, gassProductions produces feature docs, documentaries, and reality formats for major streaming providers and global networks.

Protect your Idea

Before you send us your TV idea, you’ll need us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to prevent us from talking to anyone else about your idea:
You can download a gassProductions NDA here. Just fill in your section and sign it, then scan and send it to us at
You must return the FULL NDA with ALL sections and pages scanned and completed. This MUST BE a single PDF Document.
If your NDA does not meet this criteria the we cannot accept it. Due to unprecedented high demand it may take up to 8 weeks to receive a response from us.

Mark the subject field of your email “Your Name” Pitch a TV Show NDA. We’ll sign it and send it back. Now we can only talk about your idea with you.

How to submit your idea...

Simply fill in the fields below this page so we have all your details. Finally, in the Idea field write a short (no more than 250 word) pitch about your project.

Please note we can only accept ideas and sign NDA's from individuals aged 18 years or older

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