Our Video Production Expertise. Call us on: 0844 736 5768!

We are experts in filming overseas in difficult and unusual locations. Our crews have filmed all over the planet on every continent from the tops of the highest peaks to the depths of beautiful oceans.

Our production crews have travelled to every continent and well over two hundred countries. We capture video content for a vast variety of productions both corporate and broadcast. We are experts when it comes to international production.

Our producers have worked on large broadcast television series for Discovery and have the experience of preparing work anywhere in the world. Our broadcast accredited editing and grading teams have a huge amount of experience working on both long and short form edits.

Collectively we have the combined experience to ensure that producing video content anywhere for anyone is perfect.

  • Underwater videography.

    Full HD underwater Gates rigs with certified dive teams
  • Filming in extreme environments

Crew in extreme conditions, Mountains, Deserts, Jungles and Oceans

  • Camera rigging.

    Creating specialist rigs to capture unique shots
  • ATA Carnet equipment transport experts.

    Sending and travelling with kit internationally on a international kit passport

  • International location fixers and scouts.

    Sourcing local fixers and location scouts for unusual shoots

  • International filming permissions.

    Sourcing special filming permissions from embassy’s and organisations
  • Guides and expedition teams

    Specialist teams of local guides and expedition leaders
  • Crew & personnel anywhere in the world.

    Producers, Directors, Specialist guides, Steady Cam Operators, researchers to any location anywhere on the planet.

  • Long and short form broadcast editors.

    Broadcast accredited short form and long form editors for on line and off line editing.

Our pre-production, production and post-production units cover every aspect of organising difficult international shoots anywhere in the world. Our writers and Producers continue to create programmes for a multitude of broadcasters such as Discovery, National Geographic, The World Fishing Network and the BBC. This is what we do best!

For any of our specialist production services or any services from gassProductions please contact one of our producers at:

+44 (0)844 736 5768