Our Story

 Our Story – 2006-2010- The Early Years

Our Story - Dan and Andy film sunset in Peru (2007, Photo Matt Fenton)
Dan and Andy film sunset in Peru (2007, Photo Matt Fenton)

Our story – gassProductions was established in 2006 by childhood friends Dan Radford and Andrew Smith.

Their dream was to make TV programs that would wow audiences the world over.

Andy and Dan began their journey creating web videos for the youth and student travel market.

Within a year they’d filmed all over the world.

The increased popularity of using video to market gap year travel ensured Andy and Dan travelled to some of the worlds most remote locations.

Within 2 years Dan and Andy had trekked the amazon jungle.

They had filming wildlife rehabilitation and animal conservation projects.

They’d journeyed to the galapagos islands and filmed several conservation projects. These projects focused on protecting the island’s rare and delicate wildlife.

Their travels took them into the searing heat of the outback, filming cattle mustering in the Australian bush.

Other testing shoots include filming “the big five” in South Africa, and diving to study plankton bio-luminence in the night time waters of Ecuador.

Peruvian SunsetAndy and FamilyFilming CowboysOutback RanchCow timeRiver HouseKing Louis TeachesFish FoodMachu DanchuRoad-a-phantcrabsClean-Fu!Chinese marketsColourful fruitAndy meet teacherbeautiful blossomFilming Thai beachBlowing bubblesTeaching in the classNew RecruitLunch time at Thai SchoolLunchtimeFurby timeAndy's assistantNamasteLion KingKing Louis Filmsyoung cowboysSydney AbbosChopper TimeBondiGiraffe in AfricaChloe and FamilyFilming Teaching FootballFilming football in GhanaFilming playing hockeySunset in AfricaCusco ParadeGalapagos IguanaSignpost?Boat TripAmazon BootSound check

Building on their experience in youth and student travel video gassProductions expanded their client portfolio.

Andy and Dan began filming for international language schools, work & travel companies, travel agencies and hotel groups.

Andy prepping to film on a zip line.Andy filming on zip lineDan filming Berlin Generator.Dan filming at Guinness factory.

Whilst filming snowboarding in Canada, Andy encountered a young Englishman called Guy Elson at the bottom of Whistler mountain.

Guy had an idea for an TV show; travel meets adventure fishing.

Our Story - Andy filming snowboarders at the top of Whistler mountain
Andy filming snowboarders at the top of Whistler mountain

 Our Story – 2010 – 2012 – Rod and Rucksack

Our Story - Guy Elson, Adventure Fisherman (2012, Panama, Photo Andrew Smith)
Guy Elson, Adventure Fisherman (2012, Panama, Photo Andrew Smith)

Fast forward a few months. Our story continues with Guy and gassProductions developing a pilot episode for a TV show; Rod and a Rucksack.

In this adventure fishing show, Guy travelled to Costa Rica in search of giant tarpon. A highly prized, monster game fish.

The premise was a TV show that fused far away lands and remote destinations with cultural discovery, drama, action and adventure.

Guy would venture into the back and beyond on a series of challenging quests to catch some of the worlds most coveted game fish.

In 2010 Andy and Guy filmed the pilot in Costa Rica before returning to the UK to complete post production. In late 2010 the pilot was screened in London and attracted the attention of  Cinesite Studios, an award winning post production studio.

Our Story - Rod and Rucksack: Guy catches giant tarpon in the pilot episode, Costa Rica 2010.(Photo Andrew Smith)

Rod and Rucksack : Costa Rica – Pilot Trailer

In 2011 gassproductions formed a co-production with Guy Elson and Cinesite Studios. Together they developed Rod and Rucksack into a TV series.

The series comprised 5 x 60 min episodes. In each episode Guy would travel to a different location, often remote and isolated.

The goal was to catch a variety of  large and unusual game fish. The show would also show Guy immersing himself in the environment, food and culture.

Filming the series took Guy, Andy and Dan just over 4 months to complete, the photos below  feature just some of the many highlights!

Making of Rod & Rucksack Slideshow

Fishing for river wolfsCatching taimenSmaller TaimenUnderwater FilmingFilming in the WildernessMongolian RiverDan and guy in a raftFilming in riversBears!Guy hooks upGuy, Dan and TaimenDan and TaimenUnderwater filming of taimenCrew ShotLeading Horseshorse trekkingHorse trek to wildernessBeautiful landscapeAndy films the wildernessDan and Guy trekking outGuy, Dan, Andy and CrewBase CampLoading up the horsesHorse trek into the wildernessGuy's TaimenJungle basecampSpiders in the rockNight insectsTarantulaBolivian grasshopperGuy vs the GrasshopperIn search of DoradoGuy with Golden DoradoUp close with DoradoFatty DoradoGuide me to the DoradoCloud forest bathsTrekking to fishing locationTrek out to fishingCasting for DoradoFish on!Mashed gearJungle Spiderleading horsesDinners on!Bolivian Basecamp!REAL FOOD!Say hello Mr DoradoTrek Teamjungle camp by nightThe Golden DoradoJungle RoadsDiary GuyFarmed SalmonSwimming in Salmon FarmsGuy unloads vital suppliesVital SuppliesHolding a TyeeHooking a ChinookSea Lion RockGuy vs Sea LionsInto the WoodsBase CampHeading out salmon fishingSki lift up grouseThe FraserBald EagleGuy explains smoke houseSmoke HouseCanadian outbackCrab in the Haida GwaiiGiant White Sturgeon in tankGiant White SturgeonGiant White Sturgeon HeadBeached sturgeonGiant White Sturgeon aboardFishing for sturgeonLooking for sturgeonDSCF5349DSCF5388DSCF5387DSCF5379DSCF5371DSCF5368DSCF5358DSCF5437_2DSCF5436DSCF5431DSCF5430DSCF5425DSCF5421DSCF5408DSCF5404Chill out beerShopping in PanamaMaori WrasseRock CodShark!DSCF5157Kit packedNice ReelMothershipGuy & GT

The team began post production back in the UK. Guy’s brother Chris Elson came aboard the project and provided some of the excellent artwork for the graphics in the series.

Guy introduced Andy and Dan to Ben Argyle. Ben was the talented composer hired to write and perform all of the music for the series.

In December 2012 the series was finished. Rod and Rucksack was acquired by the Discovery Channel and broadcast internationally.

Network Trailers & Youtube Clips

In the UK Rod and Rucksack was also available on terrestrial digital TV via Quest. In the US Rod and Rucksack is currently available on WFN.

Completing Rod and Rucksack was a huge marker in our story, marking our very first TV series.

Our Story – 2013 – 2015 – Ocean Vet

In early 2013 gassProductions was approached via its website by a man called Neil Burnie.

Dr Neil Burnie was a veterinarian from Bermuda who swam with tiger sharks.

Our Story - Ocean Vet - Neil Burnies comes face to face with one of bermuda's male tiger sharks.
Neil Burnie comes face to face with one of bermuda’s male tiger sharks.

Neil was part of the Bermuda Shark Project. This voluntary organisation is funded via donations and was established to help save, protect and learn more about Bermuda’s sharks.

Neil sent several videos of himself swimming with huge tiger sharks, in the wild, with no cage, in the open ocean.

Neil and Choy Aming (friend and local marine biologist), were collecting video footage of tiger shark behaviour. Choy was compiling photographs to identify the different tiger sharks feeding on the Bermuda platform.

They were also attaching satellite tags to tiger sharks. Neil and Choy were collecting data on the positions and migrations of these animals.

All of this data was being compiled into a conservation study. It’s objective was to ensure better protections for these animals in Bermuda and the wider Atlantic Ocean.

Our Story - Ocean Vet - Neil Burnie and Choy Aming swimming with tiger sharks in Bermuda, 2011. (Photo Chris Burville)
Neil Burnie and Choy Aming swimming with tiger sharks in Bermuda, 2011. (Photo Chris Burville)

Neil wanted to make a TV show about the incredible work he was doing with these animals.

So, in true Neil Burnie style he wrote a song and made a video to pitch his idea to us.

Andy and Dan were immediately interested.

This unique and dangerous research had immediate televisual appeal.

In November 2013 gassProductions shot the pilot for Ocean Vet.

Ocean Vet : Pilot Shoot Slideshow

1453437_553061314776158_1303284279_n996653_553061861442770_464351611_n1393545_553061964776093_66989751_n1465305_553062224776067_1960669565_n1456625_553062234776066_211189960_n1459720_553063131442643_1659900360_n1450779_553062188109404_1310979790_n1453382_553062961442660_652971280_n1467214_553063238109299_1764956326_n1465324_553063321442624_742059528_n1450802_553063311442625_2058013025_n1391433_553064011442555_1394646632_n1458443_553064191442537_1150042697_n1461084_553064321442524_1581081948_n995209_553064478109175_401406932_n1385028_553064631442493_2071861406_n581153_553064738109149_1620439015_nTeam Ocean VetStaff meetingCamera clubLets roll!Jump start1012748_553047718110851_1530722466_nUnwrapping the OTS receiverOTS ReceiverNeils dive gearUnwrapping the OTS system.Neil's hero shotHero shots on Bones1425582_553060848109538_662452721_nTaunting timeFood fight!Baiting up1466230_553061151442841_451087221_nDylan's got one!Willy Bounce fishingKitting up for tiger sharksAttracting tigersA bit of directionSharks have shown upSharks are hereKirk ready to goDan shows off rodsRods, rods and more rodsFilming StartsSea ScooterNeil takes Direction

In late 2013 gassProductions and Neil developed the concept into a series of 11x30min TV programs.

In each episode Neil, Choy and the Ocean Vet team were set to embark on a mission to help save, protect and learn more about several iconic marine species around the island of Bermuda.

The project had significant scientific value and aimed to map the local and long range migratory behaviour of several species using sophisticated satellite tags.

Other research scientists and experts were drafted in to work with the team and to enhance the projects scientific value.

In 2014 the concept for Ocean Vet became a reality, the production was budgeted and scheduled, finance was sourced and filming began in March 2014.

Ocean Vet : Filming the series

1237575_624816157600673_1485304133_n1932397_624816064267349_1263028367_n10151962_624810054267950_806152069_n1966943_624809787601310_993046200_nfilming in bermuda gates pmw2001978639_624809674267988_593115127_n10151985_624809570934665_783532901_n527132_624809394268016_276354123_n1977481_621851484563807_528068827_n1920203_621848347897454_351499265_n10154386_625540594194896_1596562571_n1503838_625540634194892_1611266699_n1964813_625541137528175_1887881634_n10245585_628966423852313_1907384426_n1454691_629956190420003_6493912585109537338_n1466046_629956240419998_704695944451711086_n1233451_632017020213920_2735832204096631596_n10168226_632188850196737_8304935380333354963_n1609809_632188976863391_3563408521625099517_n10156037_632459560169666_7575940749255844726_n10003378_626317564117199_161276312_n1236487_626317660783856_2058499364_n1604900_626317900783832_1760099158_n10155888_626318030783819_2120911136_n29631_626318054117150_908426488_n10169380_626808514068104_532611496_n10172573_626808614068094_185056947_n10156044_626808677401421_1436713031_n10152505_626808717401417_1225879116_n10154474_626808837401405_65834563_n10176255_626809117401377_966805171_n10153847_626812497401039_1227497504_n10170917_627527357329553_1561099342_n10014602_627528803996075_536981410_n10003474_627528900662732_700405512_n10177232_632463373502618_4363732904268258671_n10378242_667711029977852_5591068174150731440_n10443500_667711049977850_4563388236409922511_n10411721_667711143311174_7857899853018014547_n10438926_672993966116225_8687406067977360209_n10384922_672993949449560_6433957796816037116_n10469696_672994082782880_1426121647283100781_n10462817_672994136116208_8586007212222970421_n10367739_678036545611967_47965425302417435_n10336646_678036595611962_1239787665211960585_n10489923_678036605611961_3337148445951601089_n1969251_678036665611955_3913833443447719608_n10430845_678036738945281_8163531314951042741_n10516643_678036992278589_4516540314494399113_n10441257_678037042278584_2094442279877377534_n1511416_678037165611905_2118079203375113580_n10526055_680088002073488_6397198843315359293_n10547592_680095355406086_2298966971877712499_n10401406_680095398739415_2321852625130315510_n1907766_684165668332388_9215202009795030336_n10526105_684165581665730_4293570211454758142_n10481759_684165401665748_2228693433720163112_n10565184_684165234999098_8389950570155587642_n10341877_684165091665779_7001676488905207314_n10523352_684164908332464_5185044891078267962_n10487362_684164828332472_4529559054761443337_n10169176_684164888332466_7678252704185746361_n10480193_684891444926477_3330376799051692419_n10488062_684891481593140_5268710086580110742_n10480170_684891548259800_8973457618487273246_n10492232_684891734926448_5182060025983278269_n10383095_692549954160626_3516344159058730759_n10516776_692549990827289_918243688359903853_n10491172_692550034160618_9114097731496705202_n10478693_692550117493943_6855534650683680559_n10299063_692550214160600_7735686233698047270_n1620916_692550270827261_116531449846611825_n10559703_692550334160588_3739576722874595401_n10439049_692550304160591_6689443470365604801_n10563075_692550444160577_696240443270510378_n10559759_692550540827234_4653257007807290271_n10419982_692550557493899_5240781704315835144_n10534114_692550580827230_7825381690807825461_n10592640_692550670827221_2066672667774176458_n10419964_692550747493880_2068927071287910268_n10505306_692550954160526_2446026403650147069_n10568860_693770760705212_3700053480347083882_n10592617_693954890686799_755009959117847936_n10494714_693955017353453_8445739502645084342_n10553448_693955250686763_3894572410142168227_n15749_693955344020087_8362993656338921856_n10492089_693955507353404_4814173738191641740_n10592998_693955637353391_8913616609142497023_n10592617_693955644020057_6375326879205365177_n10609448_693955954020026_7633050631966216514_n10580005_693956074020014_791006883831700754_n10553628_693956250686663_4738853446101817957_n10580155_693956320686656_4476779573471232347_n10502116_693956430686645_9180383853176407941_n10533753_693956464019975_5842116394849325005_n10551092_693956817353273_5128199910620766834_n10574430_693957094019912_3915624355563826760_n10369984_693957197353235_727781624510284422_n12513_693957287353226_4588908388151593815_n10349952_693957550686533_549915445522379984_n10552495_693957804019841_7857565262472237199_n10603366_693958194019802_100257529770076946_n10570293_693958310686457_4084914027193946453_n10533721_693958407353114_702181237322311957_n10544372_693958694019752_4174852179217266097_n10561624_693958730686415_4800409610698689276_n10553633_693959217353033_3501760916149346771_n10341969_699243163491305_2162951616339678013_n10616183_699243180157970_6833749842062724782_n10386374_699243176824637_5925795667774621323_n10592749_699243236824631_4908960078804614476_n10346599_699243373491284_3712655215450389467_n10559717_699243436824611_3696876466346303871_n10561776_699243496824605_6095308881581114364_n10455050_699243543491267_6987358703158323456_n10628042_699243620157926_1853464487808995592_n10624952_699243710157917_5794411819180819689_n10530808_699243830157905_3619354601512041347_n10420032_707746135974341_478707720860750703_n10665974_707746179307670_3999487134785363482_n156080_709996619082626_7058261340071120081_n10413321_709996699082618_3766991231320240036_n10615986_709996695749285_3399501235653081836_n10704013_709996755749279_8191490680154334664_n10659172_709996899082598_6913649155664270604_n10603708_709996995749255_6155303463205318517_n

After 6 months of filming, the team had collected some incredible footage and conducted some groundbreaking research. In October 2014 Andy and Dan headed back to the UK to begin post production.

On November the 11th 2014 Andy and Dan received the tragic news that Neil had drowned in a freak diving accident.

Not only was everyone who knew Neil devastated, the entire island was too.

Neil Burnie was a man who touched the lives of everyone he met and his funeral was a testament to this.

Neil will always be a legend to his ocean vet crew. Neil was an eclectic character, addictive to be around. He was the type of man you enjoy telling your grandchildren about. The type whose time you shared brings a tear to your eye. A genuine legend.

Neil was the voice of Ocean Vet. It had been planned for him to narrate each episode, guiding audiences through his watery adventures.

A new voice had to be found. The challenge was to find a voice that could mimic Neil’s unique style, enter Michael Douglas.

Our Story - Michael Douglas records the voice over for Ocean Vet.
Michael Douglas recording voice over for Ocean Vet, 2015

Neil had been Michael’s family vet on the island for many years.

Michael recognised the positive impact that Neil and the Ocean Vet team’s work was doing for Bermuda.

Michael kindly agreed to help finish what Neil had started and agreed to be the narrator of Ocean Vet.

Andy and Dan finished editing Ocean Vet in December 2015.

It was delivered to Cineflix in the same month.


Our Story – 2016 – 2017

With Ocean Vet completed, 2016 saw both it’s premier screening in Bermuda and international TV broadcast. The series is now available to buy and rent via vimeo on demand.


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