First Rod and Rucksack Trailer up for Discovery Showcase


We can officially announce the transmission dates for Rod and Rucksack in the UK.

Rod and Rucksack will air in the UK on Quest at 9pm on the 11th April.

Freeview 38 I Sky channel I 154 I Virgin channel 172)

We kick off the series in Canada, and then travel to Mongolia, Panama, Bolivia and Australia.

Join Guy Elson as he goes in search of some of the most amazing fishing this planet has to offer.

We can’t wait for everyone over here to see it.

Please direct your feedback from the show to the Rod and Rucksack facebook channel.


Whilst traipsing across the interweb last night i came accross this..

The first official network trailer for our new show, “Rod and Rucksack” which is airing on Discovery Showcase HD on February 12th.

The program will also air in the UK on freeview via Quest sometime in April. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have a confirmed transmission time.

Exciting times!