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Ocean Vet Trailer

Ocean Vet from gassProductions on Vimeo.

Watch Ocean Vet, a natural history series like no other.

Narrated by Academy award winning actor and producer Michael Douglas, this incredible series follows the exploits of English veterinarian Dr Neil Burnie and his Ocean Vet team.

Together they set out to save, protect and learn more about Bermuda’s incredible marine life. Watch Neil and Choy Aming (series marine biologist) work with some of the planets most amazing marine species.

Swimming and satellite tagging huge tiger sharks, saving precious green sea turtles, protecting mighty humpback whales, exploring the anatomy of a giant blue Marlin and saving the life of a prehistoric shark.

It’s all just another day in the office for the Ocean Vet team.

Watch Ocean Vet on vimeo on demand

Neil’s enthusiasm is truly infectious, his ‘hands-on’ approach and the teams dedication to saving marine wildlife makes compulsive viewing.

Michael Douglas’s familiar and authoritative tone narrates 11 incredible adventures in and around the ocean of one of the most stunning islands on earth.

Watch as Neil and his crew enter a watery world teeming with stunning marine life but fraught with danger from big teeth, poisonous barbs and 50 tonne giants!

Hitch a ride on an incredible journey of discovery right here, right now and watch ocean vet!

What’s next for Ocean Vet?

The tragic loss of Dr Neil Burnie on the 11th November 2014 effectively put an end to any future adventures with the great man, but it was not the end for his team. Neil’s legacy lives on.

Dr Neil Burnie (Photo Dan Radford)

Neil’s passion for oceanic conservation ignited a fire among his fellow animal lovers and friends within the science community.

Neil’s work on Ocean Vet has proven how much we as a species, can make a difference when it comes to saving our oceans.

The endeavour to continue Neil’s work has evolved into Ocean Tech, spearheaded by gassProductions MD, Andrew Smith.

Ocean Tech

gassProductions is pleased to announce their next major broadcast project, a 60 min documentary feature to accompany a marine research and conservation project; Ocean Tech.

Ocean Tech is a world first collaborative marine research project, global education programme and international media campaign.

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