Steve Wozniak filming @ Appsworld 2013

Steve Wozniak’s keynote presentation, Appsworld 2013.

On the 23rd of October large crowds gathered at Earls Court 2 to spend an hour in the company of tech legend Steve Wozniak.

He is one of the single most important people within the computing community, co-founder of Apple and general geek bad-ass.

Steve Wozniak spent time sharing his knowledge, thoughts and feelings on a myriad of subjects including his concept for a wearable flip-out smart phone and what he thought of the depiction of Steve Jobs in the recent movie “jOBS“.

As usual, “the Woz” offered some amazing insights into the mobile app community.

Inspiring words from Steve Wozniak to the app community

The presentation hall was absolutely packed. Whatever everyone else had been doing at the event, they had all gathered to listen to Steve Wozniak’s keynote interview.

Some had sat for hours, waiting patiently to here what “The Woz” had to say. When he finally arrived on stage, it was to a rapturous reception.
Steve is widely regarded by many who attended to be a visionary, a genius and a genuinely funny and insightful man.

As he took to the stage it seemed that Steve really enjoys getting out and speaking to people about his technology.

Just listening to him talk so candidly about apple and Steve jobs was incredibly inspiring. You’re talking about one of the men who started Apple. They have made their app technology vital to our digital lives. Most people use their technology every day without giving it a second thought.

To see the entire keynote, please watch the video above. You might want to put the kettle on and grab the biscuits, the entire keynote and Q&A is just over 70mins. Definitely worth watching if you’re interested in all things appy.

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