Star in a wildlife documentary

Everyone has a favourite wildlife documentary, ever wanted to star in your own?

Recent epic’s like the BBC’s Planet Earth II have seen a sharp increase in the popularity of wildlife documentary.

Largely this is due to a combination of stunning cinematography and the propensity to ask honest questions about the planet and the choices facing humankind if we are to save it.

The evidence is often compelling and the human race is definitely at a crossroads, along with with many other species.

It’s vitally important that this message resonates with younger audiences. It’s especially relevant to the next generation, because it is within their tenure as custodians of our planet that will define the future of the human race.

Encouragingly it seems it’s popularity among younger audiences is now on the rise. It’s an encouraging message, and one we need to take very seriously.

Consequently, gassProductions is pleased to announce one of it’s major projects for 2017.

Travellers can now experience a unique and highly exclusive wildlife adventure of their own thanks to our collaboration with with the Luxury Travel Advisors.

This experience is only open to a  small network of select clients looking to help save some of earths precious wildlife and furthermore, document their experience with a breathtaking film.

The ultimate luxury, the worlds most epic locations, stunning wildlife, captured as a stunning cinematic memory to treasure and share.

Wildlife Documentary, luxury travel style

A true combination of luxury travel, responsible ecotourism, conservation and a true once in a lifetime experience.

Unique tours like this give budding David Attenborough’s the chance to get up close and personal with nature.
Explore the Brazilian rainforest , travel into the heart of the Arctic, or go on an African Vet safari.

Create cinematic interactions with the worlds greatest wildlife.

These brand new tours are a first in the market. Travellers can enjoy a truly unique and extraordinary experience that is not offered by any other travel company.

For the first time, it’s your wildlife documentary.

Links to press and more info…

These unique tours have already gained traction with major press outlets, with several articles via the following links.

There are currently 4 highly unique tours available, with 3 more due to be rolled out mid way through 2017.

Follow the project with our gassBlog updates

In conclusion, expect more video from gassproductions as this project develops. Be sure to visit the gassBlog or homepage for regular updates.


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