Rod and Rucksack Canada : Behind the scenes video


Our very talented broadcast video production department filmed Rod and Rucksack. The gassProductions team of Writers, Producers, Directors and Crew spent many months travelling thousands of miles creating the broadcast video content for this latest television series.

Our broadcast video production team enjoyed every second of creating Rod & Rucksack. Inevitably on every shoot sometimes things don’t go according to plan, some of these mishaps are very annoying and some very funny!

Our video production crew spent four hours filming the Salmon smoking sequence from Rod & Rucksack Canada. This was one of those moments that went wrong but thankfully was also one of those mishaps we all found very funny.

Enjoy the video below, it’s an exclusive slice of Rod & Rucksack Canada’s post filming interview on location with Guy Elson… Enjoy!

If you’re looking for an independent production company to co-produce your new TV series with then please get in touch with one of our producers. gassProductions is in a unique position to provide a complete funding and video production solution right through sales all the way to broadcast with major networks all over the world.

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