Ocean Vet screening on PBS America

Ocean Vet begins screening for a 2nd run on PBS America Jan 8th 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that our latest TV series, Ocean Vet begins it’s second screening run in the UK on PBS America.

PBS America is available in the UK via  Freeview 94| Sky 534 | Virgin Media 276 | freesat 155

Ocean Vet is a natural history series like no other.

This incredible series follows the exploits of English veterinarian Dr Neil Burnie and his Ocean Vet team.
The series is narrated by academy award winning actor and producer Michael Douglas.
Neil and his crew set out to save, protect and learn more about Bermuda’s marine life.

Watch Neil get up close with some of the worlds most amazing marine species.

Ocean Vet

It’s non stop action over 11 episodes. Neil and his team swim with huge tiger sharks, save precious green sea turtles and protect mighty humpback whales. It’s just another day in the office for Neil and his crew. Neil’s enthusiasm is infectious and his ‘hands-on’ approach brings the audience into his world. His teams dedication to save marine wildlife is compulsive to watch.

Michael Douglas narrates 11 incredible adventures. Watch as Neil and his crew enter a watery world teeming with stunning marine life but fraught with danger. Sharp teeth, poisonous barbs and 50 tonne giants are just some of the dangers that await Neil and his Ocean Vet crew!

Bermuda shows itself to be one of the most stunning islands on earth. Hitch a ride on an incredible journey of discovery right here, right now!

This is Ocean Vet!

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If you enjoyed the series and would like to purchase it then please go here. You can watch the series on any device, anytime you like!

If you would like to learn more about the series, and get in contact with the team that made it then please contact us or visit the Ocean Vet Facebook page.

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