Filming Yoga Videos – Case Study

Yoga Video is on the rise!

gassProductions is pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with the incredible yoga website Movement for Modern life.

This subscription based yoga site has a galaxy sized library of yoga lessons and meditation tutorials from practically every single style of yoga. 

You can also access and download the lessons via the (soon to be released) MFML app. There’s even yoga for your office chair, on the train or even on a plane!

Yoga videos…on demand, simple!

Kat Farrants, founder of Movement for Modern life lives in the idyllic English countryside where tranqulity and peace are as abundant as the flourishing flora and fauna.

From here she has utilised video to create a business model that reaps the rewards of providing on demand, bite sized and feature length content that is able to provide yoga in every flavour, on any device at a time convenient to the subscriber.

As our love for this ancient art rises, so does the demand for yoga content, new lessons, new styles, new positions and new techniques.

Yoga video production

gassProductions is able to provide a complete video production solution for Movement for Modern life, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself…

Yoga videos

To view an example of the videos we created for Kat and her business, Movement for Modern Life,  please take a look at the example above. Namaste.


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