Filming Ocean Vet – Pilot episode wraps.

gassProductions recently returned from one of their most epic and ambitious shoots to date.

Filming wild tiger sharks without a cage in the mid Atlantic with Dr Neil Burnie, Ocean Vet.

The full series is set to launch into production in 2014.

Ocean Vet is a 12 part action packed documentary series following Dr Neil Burnie as he explores the marine species around the awesome island of Bermuda. His infectous love of the ocean and all species that inhabit it will take the audience on an adventure into the Sargasso Sea and the wonders therein.

There is one species in particular that has captured the heart of the Ocean Vet, and that is the Bermuda Tiger Shark.

It is this beautiful creature and the work of Neil and his team at the Bermuda Shark Project that led gassProdcutions on this filming adventure of a lifetime…

filming ocean vet Neil with Hasselbring the tiger shark

Having spent the last 4 months writing the series “Ocean Vet”, gassproductions selected the episode “Tiger Taggers” to form the basis of the pilot episode.

The synopsis was to film the capture and tagging procedure of a wild tiger shark off the coast of Bermuda as part of the ongoing research being conducted by the Bermuda Shark Project.

Since 2005 this project has focused its efforts on satellite tagging tiger sharks around the Bermuda platform so as to better understand their migratory behaviour, breeding habits and other important information, thus leading to a structured conservational starategy to ensure this species does not become threatened or endangered by the other commercial activities that take place in the waters around Bermuda.

The production unit consisted of Andrew Smith (Writer, Producer, Cameraman, Co-Director)
Dan Radford (Writer, Cameraman, Co-Director, Editor) Dr Neil Burnie (Presenter, Executive Producer) Choy Aming (Underwater Cameraman,Co-presenter, Marine Biologist) Andrew Kirkpatrick (Underwater Cameraman) William D Tucker (Pilot, Stickman, Production Assitant) Oscar Deuss (Stickman, Production Assistant) Dylan Ward (Stickman) Steve Smith (Pilot, Production Assistant)

gassProductions was welcomed to the island of Bermuda with open arms, and completely captivated and enchanted by all it had to offer.

The team worked together tirelessly to get the shots that were required for this dramatic and compelling episode, culminating in the capture, tag and release of a beautiful 850lb 10.5 ft male tiger shark called “Hasselbring”

To see some of the incredible production photographs taken for this shoot, head on over to the gassproductions facebook page and check out the OCEAN VET PILOT (Days 1-5) Albums.

The pilot is currently in post production, and we will update the website with more content and information on this project over the coming weeks.

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