Filming with UVEX and Winter Paralympians Millie Knight & Brett Wild

Filming a corporate for Blueberry Picture’s with UVEX provides inspirational day of filming.

Filming a corporate for a company that make ski goggles, just one of the briefs we received when collaborating with London based Blueberry Pictures.

We were hired to supply the cinematography, lighting and sound. You tend to think it’s going to be fairly standard fare, some branded location b-roll, establishers, packshots, interviews, cutaways etc. They can become quite formulaic, so it’s refreshing when we’re lucky to meet some amazing characters that brighten up our day and are a joy to film with, people like Millie Knight.

filming a corporate
gP filming with UVEX, left to right; David Hellyer, Andrew Smith, Clair Weston, Brett Wild, Millie Knight, Dan Radford.

Millie Knight – World Champion, Winter Paralympic Gold Medalist.

Millie Knight filming a corporate
Snow Sport Paralympian Millie Knight

Millie Knight is an 18-year-old partially-sighted Paralympic athlete that competes internationally with her guide Brett Wild, in the alpine skiing slalom and giant slalom events.

Since her debut at the 2014 Sochi Paralympics competing in the under 15 category, Millie has over the past four years, won many gold, silver and bronze medals, including four golds in the 2016/17 World Cup at Innerkrems, Austria, and gold, plus three silvers, at the Tarvisio 2017 World Para Alpine Championships held in Italy.

Millie Knight & brett Wild filming a corporate
Mille Knight with sight guide Brett Wild

With the aid of her guide Brett, the pair compete on the world circuit and are currently preparing for the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Millie’s gold winning brownies!

It’s also worth noting that part of the crucial technology that kept us running throughout filming were Millie’s brownies! Quite simply heaven, possibly the best we’ve ever tasted. If you want the recipe, you’ll have to ask Millie.

Possibly the nicest brownies in the world, baked by Millie Knight.

UVEX technology aids golden success

Our interview with Millie was focused on how the technology in both her ski goggles and her helmet aided not only her sight, but muscle fatigue, aerodynamics and communication.

It became apparent very early on, that the UVEX technology in her equipment was exceptional.
Anti fogging, specialised lens coatings, light but incredibly strong build, aerodynamic, interchangeable lenses, bluetooth headset communication.., all technologies providing Millie with more time to focus on skiing down a mountain at 100km with only 5-10% vision.

Where’s the video??

The video is currently in production at Blueberry Pictures but once it’s done, and if we’re allowed to (you don’t always get to display what you make) we will update this page with a link to the final film.

Check back soon!

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