Facebook Live Video Production for Ferrari and Shell

Facebook live video production with David Garrido @ Shell Eco Marathon, Scuderia Ferrari, Maranello.

facebook live video production
Dan Radford filming Facebook Live with presenter David Garrido and Head of R&D Chassis for Ferrari F1, Nick Collet @ Museio Ferrari, Maranello.

gassProductions provides many other video services alongside TV, including Facebook Live video production.

In 2016 one of fastest growing requests is providing filming and editing for live broadcasts via social media platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope.

Recently, gassProductions was hired as part of Starstruck media’s broadcast team to provide onsite filming and editing services for 2 Facebook live broadcasts.

Facebook Live videos receive more than 1 million views in 48 hours!

Facebook is a key platform for brands such as Shell and Ferrari to interact with their customers. Brands such as Shell and Ferrari take this interaction incredibly seriously, and want their social media outlets to be a platform to share new ideas and the latest information on initiatives that engage audiences.

The videos we created were “as-live” pit-lane style walk arounds. They were designed to give Facebook live audiences a heads up on everything to do with Shell Eco Marathon, along with the latest news from the days events.

Filming with Shell, Ferrari and David Garrido (BBC & Sky Sports)

DAY 01

DAY 02

I want Facebook Live videos!

If you need to broadcast live over Facebook, or have an event that requires live Facebook  broadcasting please get in contact.

Our crew have all the necessary skills to visit your business onsite or travel to an event your are hosting or attending and broadcast live video straight from your social media channels.

How can i use Facebook Live?

Before you go designing a huge video campaign for your Facebook live its worth doing a bit of homework on how it all works. Start by checking out the official Facebook Live website and checkout their tips.

This will answer all the basic questions you have and help to manage expectations.

Facebook Live is allowing people to broadcast to huge audiences that were only accessible via mainstream broadcasting in the past. Now they’re available on Facebook.

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