Editing Ocean Vet pilot finished

Editing Ocean Vet – Pilot episode finished and ready for viewing.

Our post production facility at gassProductions studio
Our post production facility at gassProductions studio

Editing Ocean Vet has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging projects gassProductions has worked on.

Filming wrapped at the end of October 2014.

gassproductions arrived back in the UK on September 1st (Dan’s birthday!) with some of the most incredible footage they’d ever shot.

The challenge was editing Ocean Vet into a 25 minute pilot episode.

The challenge of editing ocean vet

“From the outset it was always going to be a challenging task”

said Dan Radford, Editor of the Ocen Vet Pilot.

“Fortunately, Andy and I had managed to shoot everthing we wanted in line with the schedule and script that Andy had put together…this meant that once we arrived in the edit suite the process of getting the skeleton of the film together wasn’t such a challenging task… the difficulty came in selecting the right footage. We had so much great stuff that it seemed a shame none of it would be seen in this episode.. but maybe we’ll save some of that additional footage for facebook or the website”

For this broadcast edit gassProdcutions opted to use Final Cut Pro X.

Since it’s release this software has attracted criticism from industry professionals and users of the earlier version (FCP7). gassProductions found FCPX more than capable for editing the episode.

“I’ll never go back to using anything else, I’ve tried and tested them all..Premier, AVID, FCP7..and in my honest opinion FCPX is well ahead of the pack. It’s quick and powerful and i was able to easily edit the project from a portable drive using either my Mac Book Pro or Mac Pro.

I think that with the latest version (10.0.9) Apple have really listened to their critics, and all of the original flaws have gone, what your left with is a piece of software that is refined and friendly to anyone creating video at any level”

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