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Our Broadcast Production Department produce new, engaging and exciting television programmes for Discovery, Beyond Distribution, National Geographic, Cinflix Rights and many other international distributors & networks. Have a sneak peak at some of our recent Broadcast Productions by clicking through our Broadcast Showreel.

Ocean Vet

PLEASE CONTACT CINFLIX RIGHTS FOR A SCREENER. Ocean Vet is a factual entertainment series like no other. It follows the exploits of English veterinarian Dr Neil Burnie, a man on a mission to protect Bermuda’s precious marine wildlife. Neil’s enthusiasm is truly infectious and his ‘hands-on’ approach to some of the most dangerous marine animals makes compulsive viewing. This breathtaking and thrilling series delves into a stunning underwater world teeming with life, but fraught with danger.

Rod & Rucksack

The 5x60-minute travel and adventure series charts the journey of seasoned fisherman, Guy Elson, as he takes the trip of a lifetime to some of the world's most remote and beautiful places in the name of extreme fishing. Elson's travels take him to Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Mongolia and Panama to find the very best in wildlife, people, culture and fishing. The co-production with Cinesite was filmed in HD at the end of 2011 and is now sold to Discovery Quest for broadcast April 2013 

Bad 4 My Health

A recent production for MTV Dance. The track was written by Bassmonkeys & Soulshaker ft J.D Rox and was a big hit across European networks in 2011. The video was also licensed to a number of other networks around the world. This music video production was shot in full HD for HD broadcast. 

The War The World Forgot

The War The World Forgot is a 90 min character driven feature documentary. The feature takes an inside look at the world of de-mining in southern Sudan, who does it, how does it work and what are the dangers? With an amazing mix of characters running the de-mining camps including families with young children the feature uncovers the trials and dangers of working the mine fields.  

Kelly Mueller "She Cries"

A broadcast music video produced for Kelly Mueller in early 2011. The above video named "whats it like on set" was the making of this video. Kelly has since signed to Universal Music. 

Ocean Vet

Hitch a ride on an incredible journey of discovery

Rod & Rucksack

Adventure fishing on Discovery Quest.

Bad 4 My Health

MTV Dance full HD broadcast music videos

The War The World Forgot

The world of removing land mines.

Kelly Mueller "She Cries"

MTV Music video, full HD

Turn off the lights Bring up the lights

At the forefront of Broadcast Video Production

gassProductions are proud to be associated and work with some of the industries most reputable broadcasters. Our broadcast unit is made up of highly skilled and highly experienced Writers, Producers, Cameramen and Directors. Our team are known for producing exciting, engaging and interesting Factual Programming, Music Videos and effective TV Adverts for broadcast all over the world.


  • Concept development, treatments, synopsis 

  • International programme distribution

  • Programme sales to major international networks

  • Complete in-house broadcast production solution

  • Production funding.

  • Programme development, writing, pitching, budgeting

  • International broadcast Camera Crews.

  • Broadcast accredited Producers and Directors.

  • Broadcast accredited Editors and Post-Production crew.

Our internal television productions such as Rod & Rucksack and external support to third party broadcast projects are met with exceptionally high production values. We combine the best video production crews and camera equipment with industry leading executive producers, directors and producers to produce rich, engaging and entertaining broadcast television.

gassProductions has the unique ability to provide financial backing to concepts that meat our high standards. We are well known for developing exceptional broadcast content in-house for acquisition to major national and international networks. We have exceptional relationships with distributors and commissioners all over the world to provide a solid route to broadcast. 

If you're an independent producer with a great idea and looking for a complete production solution then please have a look at our  ideas factory.  The ideas factory is designed to provide a forum where you can pitch your programme to gassProductions. We will consider your proposal and get back to you with our thoughts. If its what we are looking for and we like the idea then we have the production capabilities, financial solution and sales routes to produce the content and distribute it to multiple territories on major networks all over the world

Our broadcast department also provide full production support to exterior programme creation. If you require crew or kit for a broadcast production please contact one of our Producers for pricing and availability.


  • Researches

  • Camera Crews

  • Soundmen 

  • Shoot kit, Jibs, Dolly, Lights, Crane, Cameras etc.

  • Underwater Camera Teams

  • Producers

  • Directors

  • Editors, Graders, Compositors.


Contact us and speak with one of Producers to find out more about our broadcast production capabilities.

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Video Production Internship Programme 2013 – gassProductions

We have launched our 2013 video production internship programme. gassProductions is looking for a young, talented video production intern, we are providing the opportunity of a life time. The internship placement is for three months at the gassProductions studio in Surrey. The internship may lead to a permanent position at the end. Are you looking for somewhere to learn from the best, operate professional broadcast equipment and gain valuable experience to create high quality corporate videos and promotional videos? If so take a look at our 2013 video production internship.

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